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Android & iOS Application

Establish your business name into customers phone!

Yes! You can install your company name to your customer phone. Let us explain how; if you have got IOS/Android Application then you simply need to install app into their phone & when ever they are using their phone, your application is always visible, by doing these it reminds about your business.

Android & iOS Application

Futuristic demand!

Not from future but in present scenario, Application development is capturing a huge Market size & becoming a leader after websites. It depends upon you only, "Do you want to be a part of Red Ocean or Blue Ocean"

Android & iOS Application
Android & iOS Application

Most convenient to use!

If your visitors has got installed application into their phone, they can easily access to it, they don't need to visit website for it just need to click on the icon on your phone screen & here you go.

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FAQs - App Development

Can Zovixo build both iOS and Android applications?

Yes, most of the apps which we make both supports iOS and Android mobile platforms. In the upcoming centuries Application will be the most important thing for any business, understanding the facts, Zovixo is giving dual supportive platforms for your apps.

Does Zovixo also build web applications?

Yes, in fact every mobile application that we build also runs on web. It's very easy for you to show your credibility on every platforms like: website, application, web application. It also determines that HOW keen you are to boost your business presence world wide.

What if i want to make changes to my app or web application after its launched?

Yes, you can update your Apps anywhere by just login to your dashboard by using I'd & password of your Admin account. Zovixo dashboard is very simple & user friendly to use it.

Will Zovixo App development team supports me after my application live on the App Store?

Not only Zovixo application development team but Zovixo whole support team always here to give best service for all products which you have taken from Zovixo. Updation of any service is depending upon the type of change you want in your application. Once you have chosen our services we will brief you about our sales after service Terms & Conditions*. For further assistance get in touch with our support team.

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