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SMM (Organic)

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₹3000 /mo
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₹6000 /mo
Billed Monthly
₹12000 /mo
Billed Monthly
₹18000 /mo
Billed Monthly
  Facebook Page (Set-up & Manage)
Facebook Page (Set-up & Manage)
Twitter Profile (Set-up & Manage)
Twitter Profile (Set-up & Manage)
  Google My Business (Set-up & Manage)
Google My Business (Set-up & Manage) X
  Instagram Profile (Set-up & Manage)
Instagram Profile (Set-up & Manage) X X
  Pinterest Profile (Set-up & Manage)
Pinterest Profile (Set-up & Manage) X X
  LinkedIn Business Page (Set-up & Manage)
LinkedIn Business Page (Set-up & Manage) X X X
  YouTube Channel (Set-up & Manage)
YouTube Channel (Set-up & Manage) X X X
  Posts (Per Day)
Posts (Per Day) 2 2 3 4
  Content Writing for Posts
Content Writing for Posts
  Image Creation for Posts
Image Creation for Posts
  Video Creation for Posts
Video Creation for Posts X X X X
  Content Posting (Per Day)
Content Posting (Per Day) 2 2 3 4
  Image Submission (Per Day)
Image Submission (Per Day) 2 2 3 4
  Video Submission (If you give us) Per Day
Video Submission (If you give us) Per Day 2 2 3 4
  Poll Creation
Poll Creation X X
  Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking X X
  Customer Review/Rating
Customer Review/Rating 2 (Monthly) 4 (Monthly) 6 (Monthly) 10 (Monthly)
  SMM Report (Monthly)
SMM Report (Monthly)
  Support (Call/Mail)
Support (Call/Mail)

SMM (Paid)

To advertise on social media platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc..
Zovixo also manage paid campaigns. For any quires or get quote you can get in touch with us!

Branding your business is now become easy!

Yes! Branding your business on social media platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc has become more easy as most of the companies are now targeting online instead of offline, because it is much cheaper & companies can target their targeted audiences.


Build your own community!

By the coming of social Media, companies like yours can build their own community & sell their own products to potential customers & can retarget when ever you want to.


Your business will always trending!

Yes! Social media marketing has open a great door of opportunity where your business will always on trend, even when your sleeping.





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What is social media marketing (SMM)?

Social media marketing is an another way to target your audiences world wide. Sharing your product / service, will make your viewers that you are also selling these products / services. Doing SMM for your business can gain larger amount of buyers.

Is doing social media marketing expensive?

No it's not, business means spending 1 & generating 10. So, here is same, spending a little amount will grab more customers & make money. With Zovixo we will determine your spending & try to give you more value as you spend.

How can i track my social media marketing progress?

Our support team are always focus on giving best service faster. Our team will give you report of every thing about post engagement to like etc. And also guide you the steps you which you must take to enhance sales.

How can i reach more customers with social media marketing?

In this modern era, social media is doing miracle , if you are sitting in India you can sell your service / product to USA or other countries. Being on Search Engine, helps you to stay on the top.

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